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Three Essential Rules For Cultivating A Culture Of Mine Safety

Safety is undeniably an essential priority for mine operators. This was well articulated by Joseph Main, Director for Mine Safety and Health Administration, in a recent Leadership Lessons profile for a book called “Making a Difference: Leading in Government” where he discussed the three most important lessons in developing a safety-focused work culture.

Intelex Metals and Mining Specialist Eric Tchao revisits and explores these ideas in “Three Rules for Cultivating a Culture of Mine Safety”. This free 30-minute webinar discusses Joseph Main’s key lessons, how they relate to the mining industry, and how every organization can benefit from his teachings.

Key topics include:

  • Ending the Cycle of Intensity and Complacency in Safety Management
  • The three critical lessons involved in enhancing mine safety.
  • Essential tools to ensure sustained, comprehensive compliance with Federal Safety regulations.

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