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Supply Chain & Scope 3 Emissions

The supply chain has become a vital – and ever more visible – element of commercial and industrial sustainability goals. Fuelled by consumer demands, increasing regulations and a mounting business case, steering supply chains in a more sustainable direction has become requisite for long-term preservation. In addition, most companies have come to realize that a “responsible” supply chain isn’t necessarily the same thing as a “sustainable” supply chain. With the realization that value chain emissions often represent the majority of an organization’s total GHG emissions, Scope 3 emission measurements have become a priority.

The webinar covers:

  • How organizations reach into their value chain to understand the full GHG impact of their operations
  • How to influence suppliers — or choose which vendors to contract with —based on their practices
  • How to benchmark and project corporate Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of sold products
  • Supplier questionnaires
  • The difference between primary data and secondary data
  • How best to avoid and manage supplier scandals
  • The tools and methods used to map your entire supply chain

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