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Avoiding OSHA’s Top 10 Citations: Straight Talk from A Former OSHA Compliance Officer

Former OSHA compliance officer and corporate EHS director, David Lynn, shared his insights into what OSHA looks for when writing a citation and how to avoid receiving a citation for some of OSHA’s most common violations. In this webinar he offers real-world stories from his time at OSHA and in the corporate world.

By watching this webinar, you will learn:

  • What are OSHA’s most frequently issued citations?
  • What should you expect if an OSHA inspector shows up at your company’s door?
  • What will an OSHA inspector be looking for during an inspection and what documentation will he/she request?
  • What aspects of safety should you focus on to avoid receiving an OSHA citation for one of OSHA’s most-cited regulations?
  • What should you do if your company is cited?



Anyone looking to learn more about how to avoid OSHA’s most common citations.


David G. Lynn, CSP, is the president of Peak Safety Performance, LLC. He is a root cause analysis instructor, safety consultant, author and safety trainer. His business focuses on leadership development and performance improvement. David has worked in the safety field as an OSHA Compliance Officer, Plant Safety Manager, Construction Site Safety Manager and as a Corporate Safety Director for global companies.

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