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On-demand: Practical Guide to Air Quality Compliance for Oil and Gas Industry: Part 5

Join us to learn about the convoluted requirements of the three main federal engine regulations (NSPS Subpart IIII, NSPS Subpart JJJJ, and NESHAP Subpart ZZZZ or “RICE MACT”). Through discussion of the following topics, we will offer tips and strategies for managing and streamlining compliance with these requirements:

  1. Determining the applicable requirements for your engines
  2. Understanding emergency vs. non-emergency use
  3. When to consider an EPA-Certified engine
  4. Permitting requirements vs. federal regulatory requirements
  5. Testing and work practice considerations
  6. The implications of U.S. EPA’s new stance on “Once In, Always In”

Learn about the following US air-quality regulations in this series:


This webinar is ideal for environmental professionals in the oil and gas industry seeking to gain knowledge on US air quality regulations. Learn about how software and consulting services can help simplify the new air quality permitting and compliance requirements.


Christi M. Wilson, Managing Consultant at Trinity Consultants. Ms. Wilson is graduate from M.I.T. and a managing consultant with Trinity’s Pittsburgh office where she assists industrial facilities with various projects, including federal NSR/PSD and state air-quality permitting, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Mandatory Reporting Rule (MRR) compliance, NESHAP/MACT applicability and compliance, FERC Resource Report 9 filings, and Environmental Information Management System (EMIS) selection and implementation.

Adam Berger, Consulting Manager at Intelex Technologies. Adam Berger is a consulting manager at Intelex Denver with six years of experience implementing the ACTS system for upstream and midstream oil and gas companies. He specializes in solving compliance related issues using technological solutions. Outside the office, Adam spends time in the outdoors with his wife and two children.

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