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Powering Sustainability in Your Business

Every day, greater emphasis is being placed on sustainable business practices and organizations bear the burden of implementing and reporting on various sustainability initiatives across their companies. The challenge with sustainability reporting is that it requires comprehensive data collection from all aspects of an organization in order to provide the most complete picture of the company as a sustainable entity.

Learn how to record and track sustainability indicators such as workplace incidents and injuries, economic performance, and workforce diversity, while aggregating operational data such as energy and water consumption.

Hosted by Intelex’s Matt Lui, this FREE 30 minute webinar will showcase Intelex's Sustainability Performance Indicators (SPI) software application that can facilitate this type of data collection across your organization, easing the process of data analysis and reporting for Sustainability Professionals.

Agenda covers:

  • The growth of sustainability reporting
  • Sustainability standards and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • The process for sustainability reporting
  • An introduction to Intelex's Sustainability Reporting Indicators (SPI) governing framework
  • A demonstration of Intelex’s SPI


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