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OSHA's Coming! Preparing for a PSM Inspection

If you are required to comply with OSHA's Process Safety Management standard (1910:119) then you’re already very familiar with the 14 elements of process safety management. You’ve trained your workers, and you have systems in place. You’re ready for anything OSHA throws at you, right?

Wrong. That’s because even if you think you’ve checked off every single box, there is a distinct difference between complying with OSHA’s Process Safety Management standard and being able to demonstrate that compliance to an inspector that shows up at your door. Companies with PSM covered processes should be on high alert now that OSHA's new enforcement weighting system is encouraging inspectors to complete more time-consuming, complex investigations. From open change requests, to mechanical integrity inspection plans and beyond, do you have all your ducks in a row? If not, this webinar is for you!

Watch on-demand at your convenience as our PSM experts from both Intelex and Environmental Resources Management (ERM) guide your though what to expect from a PSM inspection and how you can prepare your company for a visit from OSHA.

This must-see webinar covers the following topics: 

  • OSHA's new system prioritizing process safety inspections
  • A review of some of the most common citations under the PSM standard
  • Learning from other companies' challenges in preparing for OSHA
  • How to achieve constant readiness in process safety management

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