On-Demand Webinar

Meeting the Demands of the New Compliance Landscape

In recent years, governments and regulatory bodies have increased both the breadth and depth of regulations. According to research from Enhesa, a leading EHS consultancy firm, between 2007 and 2014 North America saw a regulatory increase of 146%, while Europe saw an increase of 206%. 

What this demonstrates is a drastic increase in the expectations of data access and availability. Their increased expectations are in line with those of consumers, who are demanding ever-more transparency from businesses. 

Fortunately, data has never been easier to capture, manage, or make decisions with. Join Jason Dea to discover how organizations can begin to get ahead of the evolving demands of the marketplace and better understand their own data. 

This free on-demand webinar will cover the following topics: 

• Trends that are shaping the evolving compliance landscape 
• Responding to increasing demands for data and transparency 
• Identifying the opportunity hidden within the challenge 
• Unlocking the next stage in business efficiency 

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