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Making Change Management More Manageable

Having a well-defined and well-thought-out process is critical to evaluating and implementing changes successfully. This is true whether you're implementing Management of Change as part of a larger set of Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements, or you're simply following Change Management principles as a best practice. 

Change is not only a necessary evil, it is an essential element of doing business in a constantly-evolving marketplace. Change is required to keep up with customer demands and new technology. Often the most successful companies are the ones that have adopted constant change (or continuous improvement) as a business model, yet even these companies still struggle with how to manage change in the most efficient, effective way possible. 

In this webinar, Derek Lowe (chemical engineer and PSM solutions expert) addresses the change management challenges and questions that companies continue to wrestle with, providing a best practices framework for how you can begin to manage change at your organization more effectively. 

This must-see webinar will cover the following topics: 

- Common challenges faced by companies when managing change 
- Best practices for successfully managing proposed changes 
- Encouraging change ideas and evaluating them effectively 
- Ensuring the appropriate approvals and risk evaluations are completed 
- Matching the amount of work required to the complexity of the change

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