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Leveraging Technology to Overcome Today's Top Challenges in Mining

Deloitte’s recent report on the Top 10 Trends in Mining highlighted some of the biggest pains faced by mining companies today. From substantial costs of doing business, to labour pains, to a web of incomprehensible legislative hurdles it’s getting harder and harder for mining companies to keep their ducks in a row and optimize business performance.

To add some clarity and guidance to the climate around mining, Intelex is proud to present "Leveraging Technology to Overcome Today’s Top Challenges in Mining", a free 30-minute webinar. Hosted by Intelex Mining Solutions Specialist Eric Tchao, this presentation looks at some of the key challenges that mining companies face today, and how they can save money, time and resources by leveraging streamlined technological tools.

Key topics covered include:

  • Rising prices of energy, resources and commodities and the resultant impacts on mining operations around the world.
  • How to handle labour shortages, turnover, and the need for skilled mining professionals in the current economic climate.
  • Navigating the complex web of existing and emerging mining legislation and regulations among global markets.
  • Leveraging technology tools to build new efficiencies and overcome nascent burdens on the mining industry, and more.

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