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Integrated Management System - Is it Right for You?

An efficient and effective Management System is dependent on completing the activities and processes required to maintain it. Many of these same activities and processes are required across Quality, Safety and Environmental programs. An Integrated Management System combines all these elements into a unified software system to eliminate inefficiencies and duplication of activities across business units. This webinar explores the Integrated Management System and how it can benefit your bottom line. 

Watch this webinar and you will learn:

• What is an Integrated Management System?
• Why businesses should integrate their management systems
• What are some of the opportunities to start integrating management systems today
• The customer’s perspective
• The importance of culture

Who Should Watch?
Quality, Environmental, and Health & Safety professionals (EHSQ and QHSE) that are tired of silos, inefficiencies, and want to learn about a better way to manage their independent management systems under a single business management system. Executives that are interested in reducing inefficiency and managers interested in eliminating unnecessary duplication across global business units will find this webinar to be particularly interesting.

Meet the Presenter
Peter-Elias Alouche is Intelex’s Quality Practice Manager with our Market Strategy team and the Communications Chair with ASQ Toronto. He has over 14 years of work experience in a variety of industries ranging from power generation and utility sectors to manufacturing of industrial inkjet systems and injection molding systems. He has primarily worked for small to medium sized manufacturing companies in Engineering, Quality, and New Product Development capacities. He is passionate about emerging technologies and the intersection of engineering and business.

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