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Improve Visibility and Collaboration with Supplier Relationship Management

Working with multiple suppliers, across various touch points can make tracking activities, especially when problems arise, exceptionally difficult.  Phone calls, face-to-face meetings, and emails can sabotage productivity and compromise data integrity. 

In this webinar, Peter-Elias Alouche (Quality SME and Product Development enthusiast) addresses the Supplier Management challenges that companies continue to grapple with, providing a best practices framework for how you can effectively ensure a compliant, resilient, and high-performing supply chain in your organization.

This must-see webinar will cover the following topics: 
  • Manage your suppliers in a comprehensive approved vendor list
  • How to improve collaboration with your suppliers to address challenges as they occur
  • How to define the structure of your supply chain at the facility level 
  • How to manage supplier certifications and documents that are critical for your business 

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