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Organizational Behavior and Corporate Culture

The Impact on Safety Management and Practices

Understanding organizational behavior and corporate culture can increase safety performance within an organization. In this two-part webinar series, Dr. Judith Erickson, Dave Rebbitt and Jim Loud discuss the impact organizational behavior and corporate culture has on safety management and practices. 

This discussion will provide a brief history on the development of safety management and practices and relate them to our current state of knowledge, which will provide a better understanding of the dynamics of safety performance. 

By watching this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Gain a foundational understanding of organizational behavior and corporate culture,
  • Learn how events during and after the Industrial Revolution have impacted organizational and safety management practices, and
  • Learn how psychology and sociology influenced the development of psychosocial factors, thereby impacting current organizational and safety practices.


Safety professionals looking to learn more about how organizational behaviour and corporate culture affects safety management and practices.


Dr. Judith Erickson
President, Erickson Associates
Judith works with companies to help them become aware of how their cultures can increase safety and organizational performance through a proprietary, evidence-based, quantitative, statistical scientific method. She has more than 30 years’ experience in occupational safety and health experience, and has been employed as a safety manager, industrial hygienist, and occupational health nurse, and now as a professional consultant. Judith’s clients benefit from both academic and experience-based perspectives. She completed her PhD dissertation on the effect of corporate culture on injury and illness rates within the organization (1994). This three-year nationwide seminal research study necessitated exploring the literature of more than 300 books and peer-reviewed articles from safety management, corporate culture, and organizational behavior.

Dave Rebbitt
President, Rarebit Consulting
Dave has over three years of management experience and is a respected leader, published writer, critical thinker, and visionary with a broad skillset and diverse experience. He has a history of proven success, leadership and innovation in different industries on multi-billion-dollar oil and mining projects. Dave brings a unique value proposition to the senior team. He is skilled at the development of long-term strategic visions and a focus that assures positive alignment with internal stakeholders for quality service delivery that enhances profitability and competitive advantage. 

Jim Loud
Jim has over 40 years of safety management and assessment experience, including corporate management positions for large commercial nuclear power utilities and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Some of his corporate responsibilities included training, quality assurance, independent safety assessment, nuclear safety review, and various safety management positions. Jim is a frequent speaker at national safety conferences and author of numerous papers and articles on safety-related issues. His specialties include independent assessment, fire protection, safety management, and incident investigation.

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