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How Employees Build and Shape Your Safety Culture

Engagement with a culture of safety is not something that leadership can mandate from the top down. Employees will be more engaged with a culture of safety when they have been involved in creating it and have a thorough understanding of their roles and responsibilities and how their progress will be measured.

In the EHS Today webinar Change your Culture by Making Employees a Part of Safety Strategy, sponsored by Intelex, Terry Mathis, founder and CEO of ProAct Safety, Scott Gerard (PCC, PCM, PCG), VP of Environmental, Health & Safety at Moss, and Ray Kanani, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Intelex Technologies ULC, show you the importance of employee engagement for designing, implementing, maintaining, and improving your EHSQ systems. You’ll learn:

  • how highly reliable organizations create cultures of safety excellence
  • how to self-assess your current safety culture and find opportunities for continuous improvement
  • how to identify the data you need to create a culture of safety, and
  • how to motivate employees to pursue safety excellence

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