On-Demand Webinar

Document Controlling Your Way to Improved Business Performance

Let Intelex Senior Product Specialist Daniel Marcus take you through an informative and hands on demonstration of the Intelex Document Control software module and its capabilities.

Managing critical corporate documents effectively can have a huge impact on your success as an organization. An out-of-date or incorrect document can pose issues ranging from fines for non-compliance to critical errors in product quality. While it is often the only system organizations have in place, manually maintaining a document library is a practice that is time-intensive and prone to errors.

Watch and Learn How To:

  • Ensure only the most current versions of your documents are being accessed by moving from document management to document control, where revisions are carefully controlled and released through a security enabled platform
  • Streamline updating and distribution of documents by automating emails that prompt appropriate personnel for approvals before wide distribution of any new policy or procedure
  • Save time and money by organizing documents using intuitive folder trees, document naming conventions, and links to master documents
  • Reduce risk by ensuring you are audit ready using the most up-to-date audit checklists and compliance requirements
  • Seamlessly integrate a new document control platform with your existing systems to ensure minimal changes in workflow

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