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Critical Requirements for Mastering Organizational Change

History is littered with examples of industrial accidents caused by the inability to effectively manage and mitigate the potential negative impacts of change. It is essential that each proposed change is meticulously tracked and controlled to ensure risks are identified and workers and organizations are protected from potential negative impacts. The problem is that many organizations rely on paper and spreadsheet based systems that are both difficult to audit and notoriously time consuming to execute.

Learn how to streamline the management of organizational change and mitigate the risks that organizational and operational changes can pose in this FREE 30 minute webinar: Critical Requirements for Mastering Organizational Change. Hosted by Intelex's Product Manager for Management of Change, Eric Morris, this webinar answers your pressing questions about how to effectively and efficiently manage change in your organization.

Key topics covered include:

  • How to integrate tasking, approvals and checklists to ensure a smooth, well thought out change
  • Creating a framework to ensure changes have visibility, transparency and management oversight
  • Examining the importance of the MOC Coordinator
  • Facilitating organizational learning and preserving institutional knowledge
  • Leveraging technology to increase efficiency and ensure organization-wide preparedness

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