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Compliance at the Speed of Risk

Risk management is more than just identifying the values at risk and deciding how to proceed. While this is important, it is only half of the story. Every plan, every project, every business endeavor operates in the presence of uncertainty and this creates the opportunity for risk. This affects decision making, how a company is organized and structured, the systems and processes that are put in place, and the culture required to contend with uncertainty as the organization makes progress towards its goals and mission success.  One thing is certain in this uncertain world: The risk and compliance landscape is changing. Are you ready?

Industry speaker, Raimund Laqua, Chief Compliance Engineer at Lean Compliance Consulting Inc. His focus is helping ethical, ambitious companies in highly regulated, high-risk industries improve the effectiveness of their compliance programs covering safety & security, quality, regulatory and environmental objectives will discuss how risk and compliance are key in operational excellence.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Gain understanding about current risk management best practices.
  • Achieve a greater understanding of how to use risk management to ensure their organizations can meet obligations.
  • Discover proactive risk management practices to help them keep up with the changing risk landscape.

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