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Be the Customer of Choice: Getting Better Return on Supplier Relationships

In today’s economy, resources are limited – and that includes the shrinking pool of elite suppliers who can make or break your organization’s brand and product standing. 

More than ever, businesses must work to earn their spot on a short list of preferred customers to the best and brightest in the market.  With the right partnerships, your organization stands to learn, grow, and evolve into your next big opportunity. But this isn’t easy, and to change the way your suppliers see you means changing the way you do business. 

Watch this webinar and you will learn :

  • How to move supplier relations from contracts to partnerships yields profitability
  • How to invest in suppliers will drive accountability and performance
  • The advantages of cost vs non-cost related benefits for long term success

Who Should Watch?
Improving supplier quality and performance is essential to the QMS.  If you’re a quality management professional looking to turn key suppliers into strategic long term innovation partners, this webinar will give you the strategies, tactics, and statistical proof necessary to accelerate your programs forward. 

Meet the Presenters

Danielle Elliott
As the Product Marketing Manager at Intelex, Danielle leverages almost 10 years of enterprise software experience to deliver leading health and safety, and quality management software solutions to the market.  During her career, she has been a voice of the market and advocate for her customers to ensure the development of sustainable products that will meet today’s needs, as well as the needs of tomorrow. 

Bryan Smith
As a Product Manager at Intelex, Bryan is deeply passionate about helping businesses find competitive advantages and expand their market opportunities. Bryan focuses his entrepreneurial experience and customer research to help companies achieve better workplaces, better products, competitive advantage, and ultimately drive sustainable growth through their Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality practices.

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