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Addressing the Biggest Challenges in Building a Safety Program

A structured, deliberate approach to safety is the best way to build a safety program. There can be many challenges faced with building one, including: generating buy-in from management, understanding change management and the role it plays in the safety program, and how to leverage the benefits of benchmarking and measuring progress with your safety program.

By watching this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to generate buy-in at all levels of management,
  • How to navigate change management and understand its importance,
  • How your peers are creating their safety programs, and
  • How to leverage the benefits of benchmarking and how to measure progress.


Safety professionals looking for insights into building or managing their safety programs.


Jake Thiessen
Health and Safety Manager, General Metal Fabrication
Jake is an experienced health and safety manager, with a wealth of experience building safety programs from the ground up. He is skilled in conflict resolution, safety management systems, environmental awareness and has an applied certificate in Health, Safety and Environmental Processes from the University of Fredericton, where he maintained a 99.7 percent average.

Keith Voykin
Health and Safety Advisor
Keith is a health and safety advisor with a strong background in manufacturing and retail services. He has a passion for safety, recovery and rehabilitation of workers.


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