Insight Report

Is Your Food At Risk?

Protecting Against Crime and Fraud in the Food Supply Chain

Today’s international food supply chain is more complex than ever before. With that complexity comes greater vulnerability to crime and fraud, as demonstrated by such infamous incidents as the adulteration of infant formula with melamine in China in 2008 and the substitution of horse meat for beef in the EU in 2013. In addition to this, governments and health agencies around the world now consider a deliberate attack on the food supply to be a highly probable event that demands attention and preparation by governments and food producers alike.

Food organizations must therefore look beyond the traditional tools for food safety and quality and build integrated management systems that incorporate safety, quality, defence, organizational culture, and awareness of the motivational behaviour and psychology of the criminal perpetrator of food crime.

Discussion in this white paper includes:

  • why you need more than safety and quality approaches to protect against food crime
  • how food fraud and crime happen and what the consequences can be
  • what the different types of threats to the food supply are and what motivates them, and
  • how to promote food integrity with integrated management systems built on safety, quality, defence, strong organizational culture, and awareness of criminal psychology and behaviour.

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