Research Report

Safety Professionals Prepare for the Post-Pandemic Workplace

It takes a leader to handle unprecedented challenges within the workplace, and the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the essential role of the safety leader. No longer are these professionals viewed as “cops,” but they now are looked at as arbiters of critical decisions that will keep businesses moving forward and employees safe as economic conditions fluctuate.

The research report Safety Professionals Prepare for the Post-Pandemic Workplace, developed in partnership with EHS Today, gets a true pulse on the perceptions, comfort levels and projections EHS professionals are making in their organization’s Return-to-Work programs. Find out the challenges, opportunities and best practices shared by over 700 EHS professionals. You will learn:

a) The top three departments that respondents have worked with on illness prevention and RTW plans
b) The leading process considerations for their RTW strategies
c) The psychological and physical considerations that must be included in every RTW program.

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