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Protecting the Food Supply Chain: Recommendations from the Elliott Review

Learn how to protect your food supply chain and earn the confidence of your consumers

While the EU horse meat scandal is often held up as the definitive example of food crime, it’s far from being the only one. Around the world, food crime is a massive industry in which the lure of huge profits encourages sophisticated criminal gangs to find ever more inventive ways to circumvent the law and, potentially, endanger consumers.

In 2014, the UK government commissioned an expert review of the integrity of the UK food supply chain. The result was the Elliott Review into the Integrity and Assurance of Food Supply Networks, which provides a systems perspective on how to ensure continued consumer confidence in the increasingly globalized food marketplace.

The new Intelex infographic Protecting the Food Supply Chain: Recommendations from the Elliott Review summarizes the eight pillars from the Elliott Review in a way that helps you apply its expert insights to your organization. You’ll learn about:

  • The importance of horizon scanning, which includes identifying discrepancies between the price and availability of product in the face of political or geographic irregularities.
  • How to locate the red flags of food fraud, such as employees whose lavish lifestyles contradict their salaries or deals from suppliers that are “too good to be true.”
  • How government organizations and businesses around the world tackle food crime.
  • The importance of protecting local supply chains in the face of global competition.
  • How to win the confidence of your consumers by demonstrating your understanding of the complex area of food crime.

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