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The New Retool: Pivoting Manufacturing to be Ready for Anything

Everywhere we look, we see more innovation and disruption in the manufacturing industry. Digital transformation and disruption through the use of advanced technology such as sensors, cloud computing, machine learning, robotics, smart manufacturing, digital twinning, 3D printing and green manufacturing is key to manufacturing’s continuing ability to drive innovation. These technologies create increased connectedness between humans and machines and drive EHSQ 4.0 and Industry 4.0.

By early 2020, manufacturing had regained much of the momentum it lost after the 2008 recession. Then the pandemic hit. After the first wave of pandemic-driven shutdowns, segment recoveries for various manufacturers have been uneven. The companies that are thriving are the ones that either were able to pivot to meet a demand or that had the technology in place to deal with supply chain and work disruptions. “The New Retool: Pivoting Manufacturing to be Ready for Anything” reveals the pressures and pain points facing manufacturers and how they are using technology to respond to that pressure.

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