Insight Report

Integrating Quality and Safety in Organizational Culture

A Cross-Industry Look

Quality and safety culture are closely integrated in many industries. Nuclear energy, health care, construction, and petroleum are just a few of the industries in which complex interactions between people, processes, and tools can lead to failures that begin as small deviations but accumulate over time until they culminate in sometimes catastrophic events. Organizational culture, and the leadership that supports it, must therefore always be attuned to the requirements that foster strong and efficient human-technology interaction.

In the new Intelex Insight Report Integrating Quality and Safety in Organizational Culture: A Cross-Industry Look, you’ll learn:

  • How people continue to be vital elements of software-dominated systems.
  • How complex systems breed complex problems that defy simple solutions.
  • How standards such as ISO 9001:2015 and industry-specific frameworks can guide organizations in their quest for better safety and quality cultures.
  • How communication, leadership engagement, and situational awareness are the building blocks of strong organizational culture in every industry.

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