Insight Report

IIoT and the Continuing Evolution of Safety Management Systems

As we enter the 2020s, all of the knowledge we’ve gathered about safety management systems—observations, audits and leading indicators such as training and employee engagement, trending patterns of injury and illness rates, tracking near misses—can be collected, stored, evaluated, sliced, diced, and used to drive EHSQ performance using the tools found in Industry 4.0. These tools include cloud computing, predictive analytics, wearables, and machine learning.

Through the use of the many tools provided as part of IIoT, we have more time available to create EHSQ strategies that will have a meaningful impact on safety, health, the environment, quality, and production.

In this Insight Report, you will learn:

  • How to leverage the safety process with IIoT
  • How wearables are contributing to workplace safety
  • How you can drive and deliver the EHSQ performance you desire
  • How to use technology to lower production costs

Use IIoT tools to drive EHSQ performance in “IIoT and the Continuing Evolution of Safety Management Systems.”

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