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EHSQ 4.0: Drive Exponential Value through Digital Transformation

EHSQ 4.0 is set to supercharge the world of the EHSQ professional. By merging the traditional approach to integrating EHSQ management systems with the smart and connected processes of Industry 4.0, EHSQ practitioners will have a new world of data available to them, which will help them move from recording incidents and tracking quality events to proactive approaches to generating insights, foresight, and exponential value across the organization.

In the new Intelex Insight Report “EHSQ 4.0: Drive Exponential Value Through Digital Transformation,” Nicole Radziwill (VP Global Practice, Quality & Supply Chain, Intelex) shows you what you need to know about EHSQ 4.0 to achieve:

  • improved quality of products and services
  • reduced waste and rework
  • reduced capital requirements in the supply chain, and
  • optimized process flow.

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