Digging Deep to Discover Where and How Miners Are Being Hurt

As required, The US Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) inspected all underground mines at least four times per year and surface mines at least twice per year in 2020. The great news is that the mining industry achieved its highest compliance with MSHA’s health standards, which protect the long-term health of miners. The year 2020 saw all-time-low average concentrations of respirable dust and respirable quartz in underground coal mines, as well as exposure to dust and quartz for miners at highest risk of overexposure to respirable dust.

That said, the agency issued thousands of citations in 2020 for violations of the Mine Safety and Health Act, and the fines for all of those citations add up to millions of dollars. Our checklist can help mine operators:

  • Ensure compliance with MSHA standards
  • Protect the health and safety of miners
  • Track annual health examinations, such as audiometric testing
  • Ensure personal protective equipment has been issued and is being used properly
  • Track training

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