Analysis Sheet

Determining the Impact of Disaster: A Business Impact Analysis

Designed to “predict the consequences of disruption of a business function and process and gathers the information required to develop recovery strategies,” Business Impact Analyses are essential to developing robust business continuity plans. Within this, potential loss scenario analyses are key components to these plans as they help organizations prepare for any possible outcome following a disruption. For this reason, no business continuity plan is complete without it.

Turn Challenges into Opportunities

By accessing our analysis sheet Determining the Impact of Disaster: A Business Impact Analysis, you will learn:

  1. The key areas of risk, including: potential injuries to workers, potential impact to relationships with customers, partners and stakeholders and the occurrence of a natural disaster.
  2. How to effectively deliver on key operational aspects of the plan, such as completing impact analyses, BIA questionnaires and reports.
  3. The importance of outlining the assets at risk as well as the total impact when identifying potential hazards.

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