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The Definitive Guide to Validating Your QMS in the Cloud

Validating your company’s Quality Management System is an integral – and mandatory – part of the manufacturing process. A new method of achieving this validation has emerged, making the old-school approach of paper and spreadsheets obsolete. It’s based on the Cloud Computing model and offers countless advantages to companies looking to reduce the risk, cost and headaches associated with this all-important exercise.

A new resource produced by Intelex and Glemser Technologies provides a comprehensive look at this new model. Download your free copy of The Definitive Guide to Validating Your QMS in the Cloud today and learn:

  • The importance of getting validation right and the consequences of failure, including audits and fines
  • The three approaches to defining a QMS and how the Cloud model fits in
  • Success factors for moving into the Cloud
  • What’s changed in the Cloud-based validation world, and what hasn’t
  • The new partnership-based landscape and what the future may hold.

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