A Checklist for Safety Professionals on Multi-Employer Construction Sites

As construction projects become larger in scale, they often involve the participation of multiple employers or organizations, further adding to the complexity of managing these projects and ensuring worker safety. As such, complying with the latest ANSI/ASSP A10.33-2020 standard, which focuses on reducing hazards at multi-employer construction job sites, becomes more than critical.

Initiate the process of reducing these hazards by downloading A Checklist for Safety Professionals on Multi-Employer Construction Sites, which includes insights from ANSI A10.33-2020 standard experts Richard Hislop and Shawn Bradfield. Get ready to learn:

  • What measures to take to ensure compliance with ANSI/ASSP A10.33-2020
  • The importance of officially designating an occupational safety and health owner and carrying out daily planning practices
  • The key elements to use to develop and manage safety processes within a multi-organization safety program

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