Checklist: The 10 Leading Indicators That Predict Employee Safety Engagement

With the right device, hub, and platform ecosystem, monitoring of the safety management system can be done in real-time or near real-time. Safety 4.0 is the key to advances we are making as we help EHS professionals in their digital transformation of safety. It’s about process, engagement, culture, and mobilizing data, and we are only beginning to understand the potential ahead of us.

Therefore, using EHS software and data to predict employee engagement is a way to determine the success of the organization. There is a tool you can use to measure metrics related to employee engagement and the impact that has on your Safety Management System: The Intelex Safety Engagement Score.

Intelex has created a checklist that contains the 10 leading indicators utilized by the Safety Engagement Score. If you measure and benchmark against these leading indicators, you can determine the success of your Safety Management System and judge how engaged your employees are in your safety success.

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