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Accountants and Auditors: Purveyors of Proof for ESG Efforts

Turn on a newscast anywhere in the world these days and it’s easy to see just how important issues regarding the environment and social justice are to today’s global citizenry.  

However, the effects of this collective movement – commonly referred to as Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) – are not only being seen in the streets; they are having a profound impact on businesses and how they conduct their operations. Investors and everyday consumers are increasingly demanding that organizations operate in ways that foster improved ESG.  

This undertaking typically requires participation from a diverse group of talent across an organization, and one of the most important players in this push to embrace ESG is one that frequently tends to be overlooked: the accountant/auditor. Discover why their ingrained knowledge of a company’s inner workings makes them a key resource in organizations’ ESG initiatives.   

Download the Insight Report now and discover the role accountants and auditors play in these important operations: 

  • Compilation: A summary of a company’s financial statements.  
  • Review: A limited examination of a company’s financial statements accompanied by a basic level of assurance (an accountant’s assessment of the accuracy and soundness of an organization’s statements).   
  • Audit: A detailed and meticulous examination of a company’s financial statements, often conducted over a period of days or weeks. Audits provide the highest level of assurance possible.  

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