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The Definitive Guide to Validating Your QMS in the Cloud

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Validating your company's Quality Management System is an integral – and mandatory – part of the manufacturing process. A new method of achieving this validation has emerged,...

Supporting Your Workplace Wellness

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A new frontier of employee health and safety awareness is rising. It’s the idea of wellness and a practice that’s good for people, plus there’s clear business value in the...

Unleash a Better Safety Culture by Controlling Process Variability

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Variations that exist within system processes may be putting workers on a path to making poor decisions while performing their work and invariably compromising their safety....

ISO 45001: What Oil and Gas Professionals Need to Know

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The new ISO 45001 standard promises to help oil and gas companies improve employee safety, reduce workplace risk and create better and safer working conditions. Yet, it comes...

More Than a Gadget Technology Safety and Worker Participation

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Safety managers often face daunting obstacles around organizational reluctance to change. A common roadblock they face is implementing technology-based solutions to address...