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Versabar, Inc. is based in Houston, TX with locations in Belle Chasse, LA and Sabine Pass, TX. Versabar, Inc. supplies the Oil and Gas industry with advanced lift rigging systems, specialized custom fabrication, component proof load testing, custom marine winch solutions, and marine salvage operations by way of the cutting edge VB-10,0000. Versabar, Inc utilizes the Intelex Quality Management Suite of applications.


  • Ensure Versabar meets the standards for ISO certification
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness in logging nonconformance reports and managing corrective actions tracking
  • Create a central file repository accessible by multiple users across different locations

Intelex Solution

  • Intelex Quality Management System
  • Product Defects
  • Supplier Management
  • Audits with Checklists
  • Cause Analysis
  • Maps
  • Quiz Generator


  • Expanded their ability to serve the market by attaining ISO certification which is a requirement of the larger organizations Versabar works with
  • Increased organization-wide efficiency by eliminating the paper-based system and introducing a centralized file repository
  • Improved supplier management which was non-existent before implementation


In 2011, Versabar made a decision to expand their ability to serve their market by pursuing ISO 9001 certification for their business. Having begun the process with a paper-based system, it proved difficult to manage the complexities of ISO certification, particularly because Versabar was managing information from multiple locations.

To start, they required a software solution to streamline both tracking and reporting of nonconformances and corrective actions across the enterprise for both their products and their processes. They further expanded these requirements to include supplier management capabilities, which was a natural extension of the original requirements that had been identified.

It was also necessary that the solution be highly configurable to adapt to Versabar's business-specific requirements; they did not want to have to rely on a a software provider to make the changes they wanted to the system.




Versabar required a flexible solution to help them attain ISO certification, while allowing them the independence to tailor the solution to their specific needs. After some initial help from the Intelex team, the project moved from conception to implementation smoothly. Users underwent basic training with Intelex and now all members of the organization have the ability and know-how to log a nonconformance in the system. The central file repository alleviated employee difficulty with finding necessary information and users can now readily access the documents they require.

The system was then rolled out to employees who would be interacting with the applications and were trained on six key user tasks: Logging In & Dashboard Navigation, Responding to Assigned Tasks, Logging QNCRs, Document Control (finding, attaching, uploading), Printing Reports and Reporting Safety Incidents. These six key tasks transitioned employees and migrated these processes and data to a centralized management system.

Additionally, John Fowler, Quality Director at Versabar, who manages and maintains the Intelex Quality System, quickly learned how to modify and adapt the system to meet Versabar's needs, without any additional help from Intelex or his internal IT group. To date, John has developed several applications that Versabar uses on a daily basis.

Efficiency Gains

  • Decreased the cost of quality - in the first 6 months of implementation the cost of quality was $18 per man hour and after 2 months of implementation the cost dropped to $11 per man hour.
  • Increased the number of nonconformance reports (NCRs) per week - from 3 NCRs per week on the paper-based system to 8 NCRs per week after one month of using Intelex.
  • Currently averaging 22 NCRs per week, with NCRs steadily increasing and expected to increase to 40-45 NCRs per week.
  • Process efficiency metric target is effective. They have achieved 97-98% efficiency.
  • Successfully met and maintain ISO certification.
  • Saved countless hours of work logging NCRs.
  • Saved time and frustration when locating and accessing documentation and files from multiple locations. 
  • John Fowler, Quality Director

    "Quality management is like The First 48 detective show - you must gather data as fast as possible, speed is of the essence and no detail can be lost. Intelex's Quality Management System improved our efficiency tenfold. Combine the management side of the software with the configurability of the platform and we were able to streamline all our processes, as well as develop and tailor the applications to suit our highly specific needs."

  • John Fowler, Quality Director

    "Intelex has helped us to reach ISO certification and surpass our goals. We are now running 97-98% effective against a 95% goal and that's just a year after implementation."