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MN Pets is a mobile veterinary practice that is located in located in Minnesota and serves the Twin Cities. The successful small business was created in 2010 by Dr. Rebecca McComas, who recognized the region’s need for a compassionate, at-home pet euthanasia service provider. Today MN Pets employs five doctors and two grief counselors and continues to grow. MN Pets built a custom solution using Intelex`s Application Builder to manage appointment bookings, administration and taxes for their growing business.


  • Create a real-time, controlled multi-user environment.
  • Simplify and reduce time spent on administration such as appointment booking, payroll and taxes.
  • Find a solution that will keep pace with the company’s growth.

Intelex Solution

  • Intelex Application Builder
  • Web-Based Intelex Platform


  • Eliminated an estimated 10 hours of administrative work/week allowing for more efficient use of employee time.
  • Improved accuracy in data that was previously generated manually and reduced risk associated with a potential audit.
  • Created robust system that will grow with the company.


Like many small businesses, MN Pets tracks client information and invoices, expenses such as employee and contractor compensation, revenues and taxes. However, they face the added challenge of maintaining records on narcotic drug inventories and usage for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), in addition to veterinary medical records for patients.

MN Pets had outgrown their Excel spreadsheets and needed a centralized software solution that would allow real-time connection for multiple users, simplifying their processes and record-keeping. It was also necessary that the solution be user-friendly and easily implemented with minimal technical knowledge and minimal ongoing support.


The off-the-shelf and custom built solutions that MN Pets encountered were too inflexible or too complex for their requirements. Fortunately, the Intelex Application Builder was suggested by someone who had experience with the Intelex system in an enterprise environment.

Intelex's Application Builder provided MN Pets with a set of functionalities they were able to use to create their own software solution. Taking advantage of Intelex's secure and centralized Web-Based Platform, MN Pets configured the system to match their unique business processes and requirements. 

Efficiency Gains

  • Streamlined appointment booking and tracking process has cut down an estimated 10 hours of administrative work per week. This has also postponed the need to hire additional staff as MN Pets continues to grow. 
  • Should the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) inquire, the MN Pets "Buddy System" is 100% audit ready.
  • Simplicity of the platform interface required minimal training and made for a smooth implementation. 
  • Overall MN Pets achieved improved data organization and accuracy while also streamlining their existing processes and internal communication
  • Dr. Rebecca McComas, DVM, Veterinarian, Practice Owner

    "With the complete flexibility to design our forms and workflows to our exact specifications, and having a robust database back-end to ensure all of our records are safe and secure, we were thrilled to be able to go from a whiteboard of our system to a complete, working operational system in a matter of months."