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Case Study:

GSI Technologies

GSI Technologies, LLC is the intelligent printing partner for Functional Printing and Industrial Graphic Products. Their extensive printing experience and dedication to customer satisfaction combined with their capital resources enables them to provide their customers with the highest levels of quality, service and value for their markets. GSI Technologies uses the Intelex Quality Management System to practice total quality control.


  • Needed streamlined management processes to effectively capture, track, and interpret quality nonconformance data.
  • Required automated document control system to replace current manual system.
  • Wanted to determine success of quality processes prior to organizational evolution and expansion.
  • Needed a means of benchmarking data as to facilitate 2009 and subsequent target setting.

Intelex Solution

  • Implemented Intelex’s web-based Quality Management System (QMS) focused primarily on quality nonconformance reporting and document control.
  • Configured various QMS modules by adapting workflow and setting up routing to facilitate quality management needs.
  • Tailored on site training provided by Intelex’s Client Services team allowed employees at GSI Technologies to quickly and effectively learn the Intelex Quality Management System.
  • Ease of system use allows for improved efficiency and productivity.


  • Effective 3 month roll out of Intelex’s Quality Management System.
  • Automation of processes has allowed individuals at GSI Technologies to actively assume ownership of issues and see issues through their various nonconformance stages.
  • Centralized document control system has helped streamline the document management process allowing individuals to effectively complete document related tasks.
  • Future plans include rolling 3 Intelex iForms to further enhance GSI Technologies’ quality processes.
  • Kathy Andersen, Quality Assurance Manager

    "Once the system was rolled out, there was immediate buy in from our employees. People quickly recognized that information was now readily available and more controllable, they’re very pleased with it."