The customer is a North American company that provides retail sign solutions to clients ranging from small businesses to multinational organizations. With 200 employees in one location, the customer has a complex operation that consists of designing, producing, packaging and shipping products to support customer experience in retail environments. The customer uses a number of Intelex modules to support its quality management program in pursuit of operational excellence.


  • The customer had been using a paper-based approach to quality management, which produced good results but was labor intensive.
  • Because the quality processes were based on spreadsheets, information wasn’t always available when it was needed.
  • Only a few people were engaged with the quality processes, since they were the ones who were chasing down information in spreadsheets.
  • The customer’s goal is to support the entirety of their EHSQ practices in an integrated digital management system.

Intelex Solution

  • Intelex stood apart from the competition with easy-to-use apps, subscription-based costing and services, the ability to connect the workforce and the opportunity for digitally managed processes.
  • The customer uses Inspection Management, Audit Management, Corrective Actions, Customer Complaints and Nonconformance Reporting to capture a variety of EHSQ processes.
  • The customer wanted to ensure that everyone in the company understood the new technology and processes, so they underwent extensive change management.


  • EHSQ information is now readily available at the push of a button to anyone who needs it.
  • The teams that spent their time chasing down important quality information in spreadsheets and emails can now focus on work that provides more value to the business.
  • Significant quality issues can be separated from minor problems.
  • Targeted dashboards with KPIs for quality have provided deeper insight into real-time data.