Boral Building Products is your single source for bricks, stone, fiber cement siding, EIFS and stucco, and hardscapes products and accessories. With over 50 showrooms spread across eleven states, they are dedicated to providing building materials that builders, contractors, architects, designers and homeowners are requesting. Their knowledgeable showroom staff and outside sales team looks forward to the opportunity to help you find the products that will bring your design to life. Boral Building Products is currently utilizing Intelex’s Training Management application.


  • Train Boral Building Products employees on hazardous tasks and standard operating procedures
  • Increase internal awareness of safety concerns and nurture a robust safety culture

Intelex Solution

  • Intelex Training Management software
  • Hosted (Off-Premise) model
  • Web-Based Intelex Platform


  • Company-wide "zero harm" initiative led to 63% reduction in recordable incidents from FY2012 to FY2013
  • Zero lost-time incidents in FY2013
  • Consolidated training records, quizzes, and content in a centralized system
  • Inclusive training program that caters to employees' needs
  • Improved employee awareness of hazards and policies


Boral Bricks' motivation to implement a training management system came from upper management's desire to nurture the company's internal safety culture. The Boral Building Products division wanted to train and quiz employees on standard operation procedures, hazardous tasks and safety policies to increase safety awareness. They needed a user-friendly system they could administer themselves and that could be used to train several hundred employees across the country, from customer service and sales reps to employees that work in the distribution yards.


After reviewing several other software options, Boral Building Products chose Intelex's Training Management software to standardize training across all of their sites. In addition to meeting Boral's primary criteria, Intelex offered a number of other features that appealed to the company. The ability to have quizzes in both Spanish and English was a valuable aspect of the Intelex system, allowing Boral Building Products to cater to their workforce's needs.

Intelex's configurability made it possible to attach audio files and visual aids for those employees who may have limited reading or writing skills, enabling Boral to create a truly inclusive training program. The implementation process was seamless and was complete in approximately one month, at which point the new Training Management system was rolled out simultaneously to all 46 locations and approximately 250 employees. 

Efficiency Gains

  • Boral Building Products saw a 63% decrease in recordable incidents between FY2012 and FY2013, and zero lost-time incidents, relying on Intelex as a key component of a company-wide initiative to strengthen safety culture. 
  • Created an effective, streamlined process for safety training by administering their own system rather than using an outside vendor.
  • Avoided burdening internal network and IT department by taking advantage of Intelex's off-premise hosting model.
  • Created an inclusive training program by providing training quizzes in multiple languages with audio files and visual aids, ensuring no employee is left behind.
  • Ryan Henkes, Performance Improvement Manager

    "What stood out with Intelex was the ability to configure the software to meet our specific training needs and the flexibility to manage our own system."