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Case Study:

BA Blacktop Ltd.

BA Blacktop Ltd. builds quality into municipal roads, provincial highways and interchanges, container port terminals, airport runways, transit facilities, environmental habitat, as well as industrial and commercial sites. Operating within the Province of British Columbia since 1956, the company now stands as an ISO 9001 registered major General Contractor with a progressive and multi–disciplined Group of Companies in the transportation industry. BA Blacktop is using Intelex’s Integrated Management System.


  • Create a central hub for all quality nonconformances and safety data with real-time metrics that provide management with deeper visibility of costs associated with quality and safety efforts.
  • Improve product and service quality by reducing the rate at which nonconformances go unreported and maintaining strict adherence to ISO 9001.
  • Reduce manual effort associated with ad hoc, paper and spreadsheet-based safety tracking by moving to a web-based system that manages safety performance and drives improvement and accountability.
  • Avoid expiration of safety certifications through streamlined
    tracking and automated notifications.

Intelex Solution

  • Intelex’s Standard Safety Incident application (SSI).
  • Intelex’s Quality Nonconformance application (QNCR).


  • 18% reduction in motor vehicle accidents since 2009.
  • 56% reduction in spills since 2009.
  • Incident per 200,000 man hours reduced from 7.16 to 1.38 per year.
  • Improved frequency with which nonconformances were reported, with 18 NCRs reported compared to 1 NCR reported six months prior.
  • Noticeable improvement in insurance premiums since 2009.


BA Blacktop wanted to streamline and unify their Quality and Safety management programs to improve processes within their existing system and create a centralized place where all activity could be tracked and monitored. They needed a solution that was modern, robust, effective and user-friendly in order to effectively track all related activities, provide real-time data in reports and dashboards, and increase visibility for upper management.


Intelex provided BA Blacktop with a set of software applications to streamline and organize quality and safety processes. A small group of employees with a diverse background met regularly to address and assess scenarios and issues. The system was then rolled out to employees who would be interacting with the applications and were trained on six key user tasks: Logging In & Dashboard Navigation, Responding to Assigned Tasks, Logging QNCRs, Document Control (finding, attaching, uploading), Printing Reports, and Reporting Safety Incidents. These six key tasks transitioned employees and migrated these processes and data to a centralized management system.

Efficiency Gains

  • Web-based platform enabled remote locations to easily access and report on QNCRs or safety incidents, improving productivity, and reducing time required to report an incident.
  • Tracking of safety incidents led to 18% reduction in motor vehicle accidents 56% reduction spills since 2009.
  • A central web system for documentation and tracking eliminated a disorganized paper-based system and allowed management to access real-time reports and dashboards instantly.
  • Electronic task assignment increased accountability and adherence to quality and safety initiatives and attributed to 18 NCRs reported compared 1 NCR reported six months prior.
  • Email notifications and alerts ensured that training certifications were renewed proactively before re-certification dates. 
  • Harman Sull, Quality Manager

    "Our ISO 9001:2008 certification and safety initiatives are extremely important at BA Blacktop as we pride ourselves on the strong reputation of reliability and responsibility we have built within our community and with our clients. Intelex has given us the tools necessary to ensure our reputation continues to be a driving force in our success, and we chose Intelex for its own dignified reputation for providing quality software, service, and notable results. "