April 27, 2021

The Race to EHSQ Excellence – Winner Takes All

Time: 2:00 pm EST

Debra Koehler, Director of Solution & Industry Marketing, Intelex
Terry Mathis, Founder & CEO, ProAct Safety, Inc.

Organizations regularly set objectives for safety and quality, and those objectives rarely target excellence or perfection. Instead, they target goals for reducing injuries, illnesses or quality-related incidents. However, W. Edwards Deming, the brilliant engineer and statistician who became a leading spokesperson for quality after WWII, taught that when an organization accepts a certain level of imperfection, that organization will always have imperfection. When it comes to reducing injuries and illnesses and achieving operational excellence, the goal must be zero negative events.

One of the key challenges to achieving operational excellence is having a siloed approach across safety and quality departments, which have historically run independent of each other. Technology can be a valuable tool to help break down these barriers and enable integration of processes, people and teams. This presentation explores the integration of technology with the 5 key elements of excellence that can unlock immediate value across your operations. Sign up now and learn about the following:

  • How to create goals that don’t support a tolerance for failure.
  • How to explain all goals in terms of an EHSQ process.
  • How to highlight the convergence of safety and quality as a means of success.

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