March 24, 2021

Pains and Prescriptions: How Technology Can Alleviate The Most Common EHS Compliance Problems and Inefficiencies

Time: 2:00 pm EST

Trevor Bronson, Corporate Strategy Associate & Senior Product Marketing Manager, Intelex
Margery Moore, CEO, ehsAI

While the role of the EHS professional continues to change and evolve over time, at least one requirement remains on virtually every EHS-related job description: “Help establish and maintain compliance with all applicable regulations.” Unfortunately, even though this mandate is as old as the role itself, today’s EHS practitioners still experience pain points at every step of the compliance journey. Activities such as identifying the correct regulations, deconstructing and interpreting the rules, facilitating the compliance management system, and submitting regulatory reports all present unique and persistent challenges.

Today’s EHS practitioners have something that their predecessors did not: access to robust technology and automation tools. Using the right tool (or tools) can alleviate compliance pains at every step. The key is making sure that today’s EHS professionals know what tools are available, how they work, how they might address specific problems and how to optimize the value of the tool post-purchase.

Join Margery Moore and Trevor Bronson for this interesting and informational session where they will discuss:

  • Common pain points across the EHS regulatory compliance workflow
  • Solutions – both technological and managerial – that may help lessen the burden of compliance
  • How to derive maximum value from today’s EHS technology
  • What the future might hold for EHS compliance

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