September 30, 2020

Don’t Get Left Behind: What is your Sustainability-EHS Fluency?

Time: 2pm EST
Kathy Seabrook, ‎CEO of Global Solutions, Inc.
Scott Gaddis, VP and Global Practice Leader at Intelex Technologies

Effective leaders know the business environment in which they operate, and they anticipate the risk and opportunities that will determine success.  Over the last decade disruptive innovations, new business models, products that challenge established industry practices and now a pandemic have put a focus on sustainability (environmental social governance (ESG) non-financial issues/impacts/risks) among corporate stakeholders. 

This webinar is designed to help develop your sustainability fluency and begin to connect the dots on sustainability and EHS management. EHS management through a sustainability lens systematically helps companies identify, assess, manage, and continually improve ESG risks and opportunities, developing KPIs and creating value for the company and its stakeholders. These corporate stakeholders are moving the needle on sustainability expectations globally.  Join us as we connect the dots and help you stay ahead of the curve to influence EHS and ESG performance at the top levels in your company.  You will learn to:

  • Increase your Sustainability fluency.  Begin to develop a high-level understanding of the linkages that are evolving between Corporate, EHS and Sustainability performance
  • Understand how corporate and EHS stakeholders are expanding and their influence on EHS decision making
  • Begin to build a company-specific ‘next steps roadmap’ to align sustainability and EHS initiatives and performance to create value for your company

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