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Our library of informative, on-demand webinars features practical presentations on a variety of topics related to performance, risk and compliance across all EHS, quality and business activities.


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ISO 9001:2015 How to Successfully Prepare Your Business

The world's leading quality management standard, ISO 9001, is currently under revision. The new ISO 9001:2015 standard comes into effect in September 2015. The changes are significant and will have a direct impact on your quality processes. In order... more

Water Quality: Reducing Risks with Optimized Data Management

Water Quality is a topic garnering increasingly more attention from regulatory bodies and environmental watch dogs. We are seeing more inspections, heftier fines and in some unfortunate cases contaminations that could have been avoided. If you are responsible... more

Essential Strategies for Supplier Management: Optimizing Performance, Governance & Compliance

These days, supply chains are complex, regulations are strict and the consequences of supplier noncompliance can be far-reaching. What this means is that your relationship with your suppliers and your ability to manage and act on supplier data has become... more

Eliminating Unsafe Behavior with Impactful Safety Training

Your company’s safety record depends on the effectiveness of your safety training. But training is an often misunderstood and overlooked opportunity. In too many organizations the unsafe behaviors that lead to near-misses and incidents persist, despite... more

Stress-Free OSHA Reporting: Essential Tools to Streamline Your Processes & Drive Down Incident Rates

If your company is one of those who is required to keep OSHA’s Injury and Illness log, you’re likely feeling the pain of having to pull together the OSHA 300A Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses that is required to be posted on February 1st.... more

Maximizing Productivity with an Optimized Occupational Health Program

Whether you are a small company or a large enterprise, maintaining a healthy workforce with an efficient Occupational Health program leads to increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and fewer occupational injuries and illnesses. Learn how to... more

ISO 14001:2015 - Significant changes on the horizon – Are you ready?

ISO 14001 will undergo deep revisions in this coming year. The changes are significant and will have a considerable impact on your Environmental Management Systems. In this webinar, Paul MacLean, a subject matter expert in assisting organizations achieve... more

How to Manage Inspections and Optimize your Business with Mobile Technology

Learn how to effectively manage inspections, enabling you to mitigate operational risk, proactively manage your safety program and build a true safety culture for your organization. Add to that, an update on Intelex EverSync, and you will learn how... more

Excellence in Sustainability Reporting and the GRI G4 Update

Building sustainable operations is an area of increased focus for organizations globally. While there are many reasons for this increased attention, it is measuring, recording and attempting to reduce the negative impact on the environment, society and... more

Achieving Operational Excellence with the Eight Disciplines (8D) Problem Solving Process

Being able to respond effectively to nonconformances and product defects is crucial to success in any quality assurance role. Addressing and eliminating the underlying root cause of a problem can prevent recurring issues, however, more often than not,... more

Get FSMA Ready: Essential Insights on Looming Compliance Deadlines

Deadlines for compliance with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) are less than a year away and if you’re in the food and beverage industry, you’d better start preparing your organization now!As a food and beverage organization, you are required... more

Eliminating the Top 5 HSE and Quality Risks in Oil and Gas

Health, safety, environment (HSE) and quality professionals in the oil and gas industry must juggle competing and complex priorities on a daily basis. From conducting inspections to maintaining compliance with countless regulations, it can be difficult... more

5 Essential Steps for Managing Safety to Win Contracts in Construction

Demonstrating that you have comprehensive commitment to safety isn’t just a nice to have in the construction business, it’s imperative. More and more construction projects are actually requiring contractors to show that they have a safety management system... more

Risky Business: Eliminating Risk Exposure in the Government Sector

Government organizations are exposed to a plethora of risks on a daily basis and must proactively manage liability, while anticipating and managing issues before they become critical. A strategic risk management framework that allows governments to identify,... more

Eradicating Inefficiency: Capture and Report Incidents and Events Anywhere, Anytime

Your most important commitment to your employees is ensuring their safety. Yet incidents do occur. This is when your designated safety officer, employees, or supervisors need to report the event as soon as possible. This is the key to driving reporting... more

Safety Simplified: Oil & Gas Onsite Inspections

In the Oil & Gas industry, it’s far easier to explain the importance of workplace safety than it is to ensure that safety. You need to protect your workers and the public throughout the entire lifecycle of your project, while complying with the relevant... more

Powering Sustainability in Your Business

Every day, greater emphasis is being placed on sustainable business practices and organizations bear the burden of implementing and reporting on various sustainability initiatives across their companies. The challenge with sustainability reporting is... more

Fast Tracking API Q2 Compliance

If you work in the Oil and Gas industry, the time to ensure that you are API Q2 compliant is quickly running out. Any service organization wishing to continue working with major oil producers must comply with the new standard. With the first API Q2 audits... more

Critical Requirements for Mastering Organizational Change

History is littered with examples of industrial accidents caused by the inability to effectively manage and mitigate the potential negative impacts of change. It is essential that each proposed change is meticulously tracked and controlled to ensure risks... more

From Near-Miss to At-Risk: How Untracked Data Costs Lives and Kills Profit

The classic approach to safety management typically involves documenting recordable incidents, lost time and – whenever they should occur – fatalities. But while this inherently flawed approach works for basic regulatory reporting, it does nothing to... more

EHS Regulatory Outlook: 7 Business-Critical Rules You Need to Know

Environment, health and safety (EHS) legislative and regulatory requirements across the U.S. are constantly shifting and evolving. But with an enormous amount of laws, regulations and rulemakings in progress at any given time, it's hard to separate the... more

Profitable Sustainability: Deriving Value from your Supply Chain

Businesses are increasingly trying to cultivate sustainable supply chains, and many are realizing that making environmental considerations a cornerstone of supply chain management can actually boost overall profit margins. However, companies that want... more

Analysis Paralysis: Finding the Metrics that Matter in Your EHS Data

Technology has enabled 21st century business to gain insight into organizational performance in a way never before imagined and this increased visibility has carried big benefits. But increasingly we're asking whether robust access to data is actually... more

RFP Secrets Exposed: How to Write a Results-Driven EHS Software RFP

Ensuring you get the best EHS software solution for your organization means providing a Request for Proposals (RFP) that clearly communicates your company's key priorities, needs and objectives. But building an RFP can be an exhausting, labour-intensive... more

Traceability in Food Manufacturing From Farm to Fork

Food Safety is a growing priority for food and beverage companies across the U.S. and around the world, with recent sweeping food safety legislation and increasing public concern over foodborne illness and contamination. Supply chain traceability has... more

Food Safety 2013: What You Need to Know about FSMA

It’s been two years and one presidential election since the sweeping Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law and while it has been slow to materialize, it is gaining momentum. Though questions still abound on the future of the legislation... more

The Changing Face of Airline Safety: A Q&A with Industry Leadership

Airline safety is changing. Between demographic shifts in airline leadership, evolving safety regulations, and an increasing role of technology in airline quality and safety management, old ways are growing irrelevant and to stay competitive, airlines... more

What we Know about I2P2 and How it will Affect your Business

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been clear about one thing for the past two years: a comprehensive injury and illness prevention program (I2P2, as it is called) will be rolled out soon, and it will radically change the... more

From Slip to Submit: Taking the Pain out of Injury and Illness Reporting

Ensuring incident forms are accurate and completed on time is a challenging process for any business. Yet, in order to avoid fines, reduce the chance of costly lawsuits, and stabilize insurance premiums – not to mention proactively mitigate the occurrence... more

Building an Effective Training Strategy for a Growing Workplace

Acknowledging the need for an effective training strategy is only the first step you need to take to ensure your organization is ready for the myriad of challenges that will be part of keeping your workforce properly trained, highly productive, and happy.... more

Escaping the Quality Death Spiral: The True Cost of Quality in Today’s Economy

Maintaining quality products and services along with a high level of customer satisfaction is critical for maximizing profit in today’s global economic climate. However, quality management is often a target for budget cuts and personnel changes as profit... more

Managing and Tracking Permits on a Global Scale

Staying on top of regulatory requirements for companies with global operations can be a daunting task. Add to this the need to ensure all of your EHS permits are up to date and accurate in every country or region where you operate and the task gets even... more

Leveraging Technology to Overcome Today's Top Challenges in Mining

Deloitte’s recent report on the Top 10 Trends in Mining highlighted some of the biggest pains faced by mining companies today. From substantial costs of doing business, to labour pains, to a web of incomprehensible legislative hurdles it’s getting harder... more

Leading and Lagging Indicators: Revolutionizing Safety Performance in Oil & Gas

Achieving success and sustained compliance in oil and gas means having visibility of key performance indicators, essential measures that enable businesses to respond to changing circumstances. However, organizations too often rely on ‘lagging’ performance... more

9001: A Quality Odyssey

Quality Management and ISO standards have become a ubiquitous part of contemporary business. You don’t have to travel very far to see an ISO 9001-certified sign, but for some the very meaning of ‘quality’ has become elusive. ”9001: A Quality Odyssey”... more

Streamlining Environmental Management in the Public Sector

Increasingly, ISO 14001 has become the go-to environmental management standard for cities, state governments, and public sector organizations of every size and shape. With today’s emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility, it’s incumbent... more

Three Essential Rules For Cultivating A Culture Of Mine Safety

Safety is undeniably an essential priority for mine operators. This was well articulated by Joseph Main, Director for Mine Safety and Health Administration, in a recent Leadership Lessons profile for a book called “Making a Difference: Leading in Government”... more

Food Safety Modernization Act - What You Need to Know

The landscape of food safety in America is changing. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to define the exact requirements of the landmark Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) signed into law last year, what’s clear is food and beverage... more

Empowering Your Energy Management Program - ISO 50001 Certification Made Easy

Companies of any size and scope can benefit from streamlining energy management and optimizing energy consumption. To achieve this, many organizations are turning to ISO 50001, a voluntary international standard developed by ISO (International Organization... more

Train to Retain - Essential Strategies To Reduce Turnover & Cultivate Competence

In today’s economy, an effective training and development program isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s an essential part of doing business and staying competitive. However, organizations often have difficulty developing and retaining skilled employees and... more

Quality City: The value of ISO 9001 and Quality Management in Municipalities

Quality management and the international quality standard ISO 9001 are frequently associated with industries such as manufacturing. But increasingly, service-based organizations like municipalities have been learning the value of streamlined quality management.... more

The ROI of Quality: Building the Business Case for ISO 9001 Implementation

Moving from an ad hoc approach to quality management to a streamlined, proactive quality management system (QMS) can be daunting for organizations of any size. Further, achieving buy-in for ISO 9001 implementation from senior management can be a challenging... more

Streamlining Safety Incident Reporting: Leaving Paper and Spreadsheets in the Dust

Many organizations struggle with the best way to effectively manage their safety incidents. All too often incidents are managed through the use of spreadsheets or paper-based approaches that are a drain on time and provide questionable accuracy. Intelex’s... more

Perfecting the Paperless Office

Going paperless has become a growing trend within organizations around the world as emphasis on environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility has reached an all-time high. In this FREE 30-minute webinar, Gina Macilwraith, EHS Director... more

Achieving Training Excellence: Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Methodologies

Does your organization hold formal, classroom-style compliance training? Or, maybe you prefer the increasingly popular bottom-up approach, which features the flexibility of self-lead learning. Watch this FREE 30 minute on-demand webinar and you will... more

Aberdeen Group - Environment Health and Safety: Best in Class Strategies to Manage Risk & Compliance

Sponsored by Intelex, this webcast, recorded March 30, 2010 highlights how Best-in-Class organizations are successfully managing environment, health and safety programs from a people, processes, and technology perspective. It focuses on the role software... more

Training Management Systems: Saving Your Organization Time, Money and Resources

Spend too much time scheduling, assigning and monitoring training requirements?Running into frustrations with your Excel based training system?Need a more efficient way of managing your organization's training program?Let Intelex Senior Product Specialist... more

Document Controlling Your Way to Improved Business Performance

Let Intelex Senior Product Specialist Daniel Marcus take you through an informative and hands on demonstration of the Intelex Document Control software module and its capabilities. Managing critical corporate documents effectively can have a huge impact... more

Software Implementation Strategies for Success

Is your organization in the process of evaluating or purchasing an Environmental, Health & Safety or Quality management software system? If so, a key process you must consider is how will it be implemented across your organization. As it is always best... more

Evaluating Your Way To Exceptional Supplier Performance

Having a formalized system in place to track and evaluate the performance of your suppliers and vendors is essential to the smooth operation and profit of your organization. Taking a strategic approach to this process can yield significant improvements... more

Insider's Guide to Purchasing an EHS Management System

Purchasing EHS management software is a considerable investment for any organization – which means the right steps should be taken to ensure the best fit solution is chosen. In this free webinar, Intelex solution expert Daniel Marcus provides a comprehensive... more

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