Are You Ready to Evolve Your EHS Management Program?

Are You Ready to Evolve Your EHS Management Program?

The Evolution of EHS: How Times Are Changing – And How to Change with Them, a new eBook from Environment + Energy Leader and sponsored by Intelex, shares insights from EHS experts and Intelex insiders on justifying your costs to the C-suite, building or expanding a successful EHS program, and using software to solve EHS complexities.  

The eBook is an in-depth guide to helping EHS professionals achieve success even as their responsibilities and duties constantly change.  

The eBook includes: 

  • Practical advice from end-users in three industries on improving EHS programs; 
  • The specific terms – and what they mean – to use when seeking financial support for EHS implementations; 
  • Specific steps to take to implement new EHS processes; 
  • How EHS metrics will begin playing a major role in how senior leadership judges operational effectiveness, and more. 

The Evolution of EHS

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