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Insight Report

The new world of data and analytics is having a profound impact on the way we work. All around the world, connected sensors continuously collect vast amounts of data that requires...

Insight Report

This new Intelex Insight Report shows you what is required to certify to the 2015 standard. It's a plain-language look at how to read the document and apply its requirements to...

Insight Report

Increasing a workforce’s level of engagement with safety practices is a key goal of many organizations. When workers perform their tasks with the proper mindset, one which...

smart spending for safety in retail

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In 2017 the retail industry reported a higher number of incident cases than the construction industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in 2017 the retail industry...

When to buy new EHS software

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Software has a shelf life. In general, a useful lifetime for most well-designed systems is estimated at six to eight years.

Environment, health & safety (EHS)...