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Intelex partners with organizations around the globe to deliver the most comprehensive environment, health, safety and quality software solutions to our customers. Our partners share a commitment to customer satisfaction, product performance and overall service excellence.

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Types of Partners
  • Agents and Referral Partners: Individuals and businesses who want to partner with Intelex by providing information on organizations seeking EHSQ management software in exchange for finder's fees and participation in consulting and implementation activities.
  • International Partners: Intelex looks to international organizations with regional expertise to sell and support our software solutions to organizations around the globe. Our International Partners help define prospects' business needs, negotiate business agreements, implement the Intelex solution, and provide sustained first-level support within unique geographic regions.
  • Valued Added Resellers: Our Value Added Resellers are experts in a variety of product and service domains that leverage the Intelex platform to create robust new solutions or couple Intelex software with their offerings.
  • Service Partners: No matter where in the world our customers are located, Intelex places the utmost importance on timely and comprehensive service and support. Our Service Partners are consulting and IT firms that implement Intelex solutions (either independently or with our assistance) and provide unique EHSQ-IT expertise as well as follow-up support.
  • Content Partners: To better leverage Intelex solutions across all EHSQ areas, Intelex is always expanding its solutions to include high-value content addressing EHS legislation, MSDS, physical and chemical regulatory lists, and many other areas.
  • Technology Partners: Intelex strives to keep its solutions current with the latest innovations in information technology and to discover synergies with other technology leaders. Our Technology Partners provide software development tools, add-on software and hardware, as well as complimentary solutions and utilities that integrate seamlessly with our software.
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