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Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited

  • With access to the key details related to each health and safety incident and the ability to share and learn from each other's experiences in real time we've gained a powerful advantage - one that will help us be even safer.

  • Michel Tetreault
    Health and Safety Advisor
    Agnico Eagle Mines Limited

Air Liquide Canada

  • We chose Intelex because we believe software should adapt to the company, rather than the company adapting to the software.
  • Gary Smith
    Director of EHSQ
    Air Liquide


  • There were two key factors why AltaLink chose Intelex, the service and support which has been and continues to be outstanding and their excellent products which are continually improved.
  • Michael De Grood
    Senior QMS Professional,

BA Blacktop Ltd.

  • Our ISO 9001:2008 certification and safety initiatives are extremely important at BA Blacktop as we pride ourselves on the strong reputation of reliability and responsibility we have built within our community and with our clients. Intelex has given us the tools necessary to ensure our reputation continues to be a driving force in our success, and we chose Intelex for its own dignified reputation for providing quality software, service, and notable results.
  • Harman Sull
    Quality Manager
    BA Blacktop

Barton Solvents, Inc.

  • The implementation and roll out of our Intelex system here at Barton Solvents was as smooth as can be. Our employees love how easy Intelex is to use and it has effectively streamlined many of our critical processes saving us time, money and resources.
  • Kristi Masters
    Barton Solvents

Boral Bricks

  • What stood out with Intelex was the ability to configure the software to meet our specific training needs and the flexibility to manage our own system.

  • Ryan Henkes
    Performance Improvement Manager
    Boral Bricks Inc.

City of St. Albert

  • The truth is in the numbers. After implementing the Intelex system we've seen reductions in nonconformances and audit costs, and achieved ISO 14001 certification in less than two years. The future is definitely bright as we continue to roll out additional applications.
  • Jeff Yanew
    Environmental Coordinator | City Manager's Office
    City of St. Albert

City of Tempe - Water Utilities Department

  • Intelex’s compliance and document management modules have allowed the City of Tempe to achieve a higher level of compliance-confidence than previously thought possible. Tempe’s vision of consolidating all task-tracking and record-keeping activities necessary to maintain compliance into one desktop application has become a reality.
  • David MCNeil
    Regulatory Compliance Manager,
    City of Tempe

Community Memorial Health System

  • While we selected the Intelex system to solve some very specific performance issues, it turned out to be a culture change instrument as well. The real-time dashboard dramatically improved our ability to see when anything was slipping, not only from the administrative perspective, but at the manager and director level as well. Performance information is now transparent, while protected information is kept secure. For those managers with multiple cost centers, it has been transformational as we developed manager specific dashboards to help them stay on top of their tasks and trends. Overall, the Intelex system has become an invaluable tool for us at Community Memorial Health System.

  • Marsha Parker
    Director Quality and Performance Improvement
    Community Memorial Health System

Corporation of Town of Ajax

  • Our Intelex system has become a one-stop-shop for necessary documentation and ensures that staff use the most up-to-date version of a document. We highly recommend Intelex software as an effective way to streamline business processes while saving on resources.

  • David Forget
    Manager of Quality Service and Special Projects
    Town of Ajax


  • The Intelex Document Control System has allowed us to achieve a level of efficiency within our supply chain that has directly reduced the amount of man hours and administrative costs associated with managing supplier related documents.
  • Amjad Rehman
    Head of Assurance & Compliance,
    Costain Group

De Beers

  • De Beers Canada works diligently to maintain ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO17025 certification as well as compliance with OHSAS 18001. Intelex’s IMS was the ideal choice to manage many of the related business processes as it offers the required functionality and effective customizability to meet our diverseneeds.
  • Matthew Pickard
    Environmental Management Coordinator,
    De Beers Canada

Eggers Industries, Inc.

  • The maturation of Eggers Industries, all 126 years worth, has seen many isolated and area-specific software installations but what is so exciting with the Intelex implementation is that it's not limited to one or two areas of the organization, it improves all areas of the organization. A statement that has been made several times during this implementation is 'Our only limitation with the Intelex system is our imagination; if we can think it, Intelex can almost assuredly do it.
  • David Potter
    Quality Systems Specialist,
    Eggers Industries, Inc.

Ferro Corporation

  • Intelex is an integral part of Ferro’s world-wide Safe from Within Program and is a critical piece of our larger effort to send all of our 6,500 employees home safely to their families at the end of the day, in some 17 time zones around the world. I hope you will remember our Ferro families and the service you provide to them indirectly when things get hectic. Nothing in the world is more important to them than Mom or Dad coming home safely at the end of the day, and your efforts in this regard are just as important as anything else we are doing within Ferro.
  • Art Plow
    Systems and Development Manager,
    Ferro Corporation

GSI Technologies

  • Once the system was rolled out, there was immediate buy in from our employees. People quickly recognized that information was now readily available and more controllable, they’re very pleased with it.
  • Kathy Andersen
    Quality Assurance Manager,
    GSI Technologies, LLC

Ingredion Inc.

  • Our implementation here at Corn Products is going very well. We were pleased to see how easy the system is to use and how easy it is to navigate through each module. Working with the Intelex team has been a great experience, they have been very helpful in setting up our system according to how we run our business and assisting us in planning our implementation.
  • Scott Merk
    IT Project Manager,
    Corn Products International

Johnson Matthey

  • Intelex’s modular system allowed us to select the solutions that were best for us. The system has played an important role in our ability to both reach TS 16949 certification and maintain it in the future.
  • Beege Johnston
    Regional Quality Systems Specialist,
    Johnson Matthey


  • Our Intelex Account Manager was infinitely knowledgeable, impressively responsive, and bent over backwards to not only get our system up and running quickly, but to customize, troubleshoot, and train as well. He has a passion for the product and continues to work with his team to further develop it so that it outperforms every customer's needs!
  • Kimberly Mason
    Training Specialist,
    Kraft Foods

Maine Manufacturing

  • Attaining our goal of registering the Maine Manufacturing Quality Management System to the ISO9001:2008 international standard within five months would not have been possible without the Intelex QMS deployment, supported by the incredibly responsive Intelex Account Manager and Project Consultant.
  • Rob Wilder
    Director, Quality Management,
    Maine Manufacturing LLC
  • Our ISO Registrar commented that the Intelex System was the best QMS application he had seen this side of a full SAP installation and the Lead Auditor was particularly impressed with the KPI dashboards and how various documents can be linked in support of the QNCR module.
  • Rob Wilder
    Director, Quality Management,
    Maine Manufacturing LLC

MEG Energy Corporation

  • The OSHA rate tool is great. We like it because it calculates the incident frequency rates automatically based on the information provided in Intelex. It eliminates the possibility of errors that comes with manually calculating rates. It’s real-time information our managers and supervisors can access anytime for review and follow up. And, it’s location specific, which allows us to see areas for improvement quickly and accurately.
  • Kevin Lee
    Corporate Health and Safety,
    MEG Energy

Metso Minerals Limited

  • With employees working around the clock in 32 different countries, understanding and controlling what happens from a health and safety point of view is critical. The Intelex Safety Management System provides the biggest cure and solution as we’re able to see the whole Metso Minerals world on one single page.
  • Christian Adkins
    MIIRSM DipSM Global Manager,
    Health & Safety Life Cycle Services

MN Pets

  • With the complete flexibility to design our forms and workflows to our exact specifications, and having a robust database back-end to ensure all of our records are safe and secure, we were thrilled to be able to go from a whiteboard of our system to a complete, working operational system in a matter of months.
  • Dr. Rebecca McComas, DVM
    Veterinarian, Practice Owner
    MN Pets

Nexteer Automotive

  • We saw the application and the potential it had. We saw the configuration that we could do within Intelex and also the reporting platform that was there. All of those pieces came together and that's ultimately why we chose Intelex.

  • Michael Bennett
    Systems Analyst
    Nexteer Automotive

NRG Energy

  • Intelex Technologies is a forward-thinking software company, they understand workflow, data management and software design. They can discuss software design with people that are not software engineers and have created a software tool that is intuitive, easy to implement and fun to use.
  • Laura Scott
    EMIS Manager,
    NRG Energy

Port of Houston

  • What puts Intelex ahead of their competitors is their iForms system and the ease of customizing the forms to fit the company and its processes versus changing a company’s processes to fit the forms. Being able to create our own parameters and customize the system’s language was a huge benefit in fostering the comfort level of all our users to the new system.
  • Dennis Basinger
    Program Coordinator,
    Port of Houston Authority


  • We needed to obtain ISO 9001:2001 Quality Management System certification and chose the Intelex QMS system for its functionality and ease of integration. Their technical support enabled fast deployment and usage of the system, helping us to reach our goals.
  • Vincent Yeung
    Manager of Quality Assurance & Technical Support,

Rapid-Span Group of Companies

  • Tracking our NCRs was quite a job because it was all done by hand. I would count the types of NCRs and categorize them and graph and chart them for management. I put a lot of energy into that and it was incredibly time consuming. Intelex is so far ahead of where we were that it's not even measurable.

  • Tim Damen
    Quality Management Representative

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

  • The key for us is the transparency of the tool, because it helps raise awareness and accountability from the field. We are able to create reports in minutes and have up-to-the-minute knowledge of what is happening at our auction sites all over the world. It has changed the way we communicate, in a positive way .
  • Nelson Ogle
    Manager Yard Operations,
    Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Intelex has been an integral partner in the rollout of our Environmental Management System, thanks to the software’s intelligent architecture and ease of use coupled with the staff’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Jonathon Maurer
    Director of Business Operations,
    Rochester Institute of Technology

Saskatchewan Environment

  • Intelex’s Document Control was the ideal solution to centrally maintain our information, while easily allowing for our employees from across the province to retrieve it as needed. We are very satisfied with Intelex solutions, and could not have asked for better client support.
  • Gord Frey
    Forestry EMS Coordinator,
    Saskatchewan Environment

SDI (Strategic Diagnostics, Inc)

  • The Intelex QMS and their top-notch customer support have helped us build superefficient and extremely effective Quality System processes to help our organization move forward at a faster pace. Intelex has taken our questions and concerns to heart andhelped customize systems that work for us.
  • Jason Usilton
    Quality Supervisor,


  • Our industry is heavily regulated - compliance is mandatory and outstanding service is required 24/7. Because of Intelex we now have 100% visibility of our training compliance at every location, and as a result the level of non-compliance on mandatory subjects has fallen to almost nil.

  • Dave Rogers
    Head of Training

Smurfit Kappa

  • Intelex’s Safety Incident Reporting Application provided such a high level of visibility into our safety performance that we were able to identify areas for improvement that would have never been uncovered otherwise. Detecting root causes and driving corrective and preventive actions, it has been a critical component to the success of our entire safety program and maintaining OHSAS 18001conformance.
  • Mark Montgomery
    Compliance Manager,
    Smurfit Kappa Recycling Group

Subaru Canada - Mississauga

  • We have had two random visits from the Ministry of Labour since 2008. When the representative arrived, she was in and out in one day, thanks to Intelex. She was amazed by our system. Anything she wanted, whether it be a document, a presentation, anything, I was able to pull it up and show record of it immediately.

  • Blair Howell
    Subaru Canada

The Wine Group

  • Intelex’s EHSQ Management System successfully integrated our Environment, Health &Safety, and Quality processes into one centralized system,increasing visibility into our organization’s performance metrics, streamlining internal communication and driving continual improvement on all fronts.
  • Colin G. Funk
    Vice President Technology,
    The Wine Group

Trans-Northern Pipelines

  • Not only does the Intelex System allow for optimal organization and distribution of documents, manuals, and procedures, it increases internal accountability ensuring health and safety issues are dealt with in a timely fashion. Using Intelex to ensure the effectiveness of our performance provides a safer environment for employees, contractors, and in our case, the public.
  • Alan Conquergood
    Trans-Northern Pipelines, Inc.

US Sugar Corporation

  • Getting to know the client services team has been the most delightful experience that I have ever had with any company that I’ve had a business relationship with. I really consider them friends as much as business associates.
  • T. Clark Wood
    Corporate Safety Director,
    US Sugar


  • Quality management is like The First 48 detective show - you must gather data as fast as possible, speed is of the essence and no detail can be lost. Intelex's Quality Management System improved our efficiency tenfold. Combine the management side of the software with the configurability of the platform and we were able to streamline all our processes, as well as develop and tailor the applications to suit our highly specific needs. Intelex has helped us to reach ISO certification and surpass our goals. We are now running 97-98% effective against a 95% goal and that's just a year after implementation.

  • John Fowler
    Quality Director

Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.

  • I would not hesitate to recommend Intelex. The product is everything we were led to believe it would be when Bryden first presented to us, but more importantly the service and professionalism we have experienced in working with Intelex have been outstanding,and this is every bit as important as the quality of the product –maybe even more! Overall this project has run very smoothly,which would not have been possible without an excellent supplier.
  • Ruth Carpenter
    Project Manager, IT,
    Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.


  • The Intelex system has such a broad set of applications across an organization.In addition to quality management, supply chain/supplier data, marketing artwork and packaging drawings may all be included in a revision controlled environment.
  • Robert Busacca
    Quality Manager,
    WD-40 Company

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Blair Howell, Subaru

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