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Our library of informative, in-depth whitepapers will keep you in the loop on a diverse range of topics affecting Environment, Health & Safety, Quality, and Business Performance Management practitioners.

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Whitepapers, eBooks, Guides
Stress-Free Safety: The Essential Guide to Streamlining Incident Reporting and OSHA Logs

With conventional approaches to incident reporting becoming an increasingly inadequate means of generating safety logs and improving safety performance, streamlined and automated approaches using software applications are surfacing as the most effective method of managing safety incident reporting and tracking corrective and preventive actions.


This whitepaper outlines the essential steps to take to optimize your organization’s incident reporting process and discusses how to uncover and unlock time and money that is frozen within it.


Download this whitepaper and you will learn:

·         The challenges and consequences of conventional safety incident reporting.

·         How to strategically streamline safety incident reporting procedures.

·         How to reduce recordable incidents and automate your tracking and reporting process.

·         How to generate safety incident reports (e.g. OSHA Form 300 and 300A) with the click of a button.

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