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Safety Management
Keep your employees safe, reduce injuries, lower costs, and ensure regulatory compliance with the most complete safety management and reporting software system on the market. The Intelex Safety Management System provides a flexible software solution for managing your organization's safety program from top to bottom.
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Intelex's Safety Management System (SMS) software will empower you to improve safety performance across your organization. Store all your safety data in one centralized online database, and easily manage, track and report on your safety metrics in real-time. Streamline incident and regulatory reporting, seamlessly comply with common standards such as OHSAS 18001 and drive continual improvement.

These integrated applications can be purchased individually or as a package, allowing you to create a safety management system tailored to your company's unique requirements. Our safety management system software applications include:

Incidents and Risk Management
Record, track, report and respond to safety incidents while proactively identifying potential safety hazards and streamlining risk management activities. Conduct root cause analysis and implement corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs). Streamline OSHA injury reporting in the U.S., WCB reporting in Canada, and RIDDOR for the UK's HSE.

Compliance and Legal Requirement Management
Record, track and report monitoring and measurement activities related to equipment maintenance. Easily document, assign and track action items to ensure ongoing compliance with legislation and legal requirements as well as assign responsibilities related to permits management, corporate safety policies and safety objectives.

Audits and Inspections Management
Audit management is made easy with real-time dashboards on the status of non-conformances and findings. Our powerful checklist builder allows the quick import and management of multiple checklists.

Document and Training Management
Ensure document control with a central, organization-wide file database, ensuring audit-preparedness by automatically archiving old versions. Schedule, track and report on training, licensing, certifications and qualifications with training management software.
Safety Management System
Software Features
Every Intelex software application includes a complete set of built-in tools and features to help you effectively manage your organization's safety processes and data.Safety Management System Platform Features

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Evaluate your organization’s safety performance in an instant

Gain a full 360-degree view into your entire organization’s safety performance through instant real-time reports and key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards. Log incidents across multiple departments or locations and enable complete safety performance transparency.

Reduce safety-related incidents and save time, money and resources
Execute a proactive approach to your safety program and easily identify, analyze and mitigate potential safety hazards and risks to avoid unnecessary incidents and expenses at both the facility level and organization-wide.

Mitigate risk by maintaining ongoing compliance
Whether you wish to comply with common standards such as OHSAS 18001 or CSA Z100 or regulations around safety such as: OSHA, RIDDOR or WCB, using Intelex's Safety Management System Software as a centralized database for all of this information means it is always at your fingertips to show regulators, inspectors or auditors.

Optimize safety meetings for maximum efficiency and ideal results
Track meeting occurrences, archive old meeting documents, schedule new meetings, send automated meeting notifications, and record, schedule and assign follow-up actions to issues.

Streamline your safety processes and eliminate duplicate data
Collect, track and report on all safety data from multiple departments or locations through one centralized web-based portal. The system can easily integrate with existing ERP software such as SAP and PeopleSoft.
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Whether it is common management standards such as OHSAS 18001, or compliance with regulatory requirements such as OSHA, WCB, RIDDOR and others, companies are frequently required to keep extensive and detailed accounts of their environmental, health and safety information.

OSHA, WCB and RIDDOR Compliance

Intelex's Safety Management System software streamlines the collection, tracking and reporting of your workplace health and safety information and accident, incident and injury reporting. All of the data is input into a centralized database and can be merged into the  reporting forms required by different regulatory bodies. If you report to regulatory bodies other than OSHA, WCB and RIDDOR, specialized merge templates are easily created to accommodate your organization's specific needs.

OHSAS 18001

Many organizations worldwide adhere to the management practices outlined in the OHSAS 18001 standard. Following these standards helps reduce employee risk, improve the effectiveness of Occupational Health and Safety management, and demonstrate diligence in cultivating a strong safety culture.

The components of Intelex's Safety Management Software System speak directly to requirements within the OHSAS 18001. Specifically:
  • General Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • Safety Policy
  • Planning
  • Safety Objectives
  • Safety Audit Management
  • Communication Management
  • Training Management
  • Documentation Storage and Revisioning
  • Injury and Incident Reporting
  • Monitoring and Measurement
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All Intelex applications share a powerful set of capabilities to ensure the software meets your specific business requirements. Whether you want to leverage the existing best practice application design or make modifications to forms, reports and workflows to suit your own business needs, the system features offer you both the flexibility and reliability you require.

  • Standard and configurable reporting.
  • Standard and configurable forms and workflows.
  • Task management and notifications.
  • Dashboards and toolbars.
  • Exceptional levels of data security.
  • Configurable security for individual users or groups of users.
  • Cultures functionality that comes with eight languages built in.
  • Complete mobile functionality and cross browser compatibility.
  • User friendly calculation wizard.
  • Collaborative message center.
  • Access to our client community and learning center, Intelex-Exchange.
  • Easy integration with existing systems such as Peoplesoft® and SAP® as well as with Active Directory or your internal Microsoft Exchange Server®.
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"The Intelex Safety Management System provides the biggest cure and solution as we're able to see the whole Metso Minerals world on one single page."
- Christian Adkins
Safety Coordinator
Metso Minerals
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