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Metals and Mining
Intelex software addresses the unique needs of clients throughout the Mining industry. Our mining clients use Intelex to manage a wide range of activites, documents, tasks and data including MSHA requirements, permits, audits, ISO certifications, wastewater discharge, safety citations, and training all from a centralized, web-based portal.
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Safety Management
The Intelex Safety Management System enables you to keep your workforce safe, and maintain requirements such as the MSHA regulations and other legislation governing the mining industry. It acts as a central repository for all information related to incidents that occur on mining sites and the required corrective actions that are put in place to mitigate the risk of these incidents occurring again. Intelex enables the tracking, evaluation and benchmarking of data that will offer visibility into trends and keep your site(s) safe right from exploration to fully operational stages.

Key Components and Functionality:

  • Safety Incident Management
    Easily record each incident that occurs and issue corrective actions to ensure measures are put in place to deter recurrences and avoid citations. View detailed and aggregate incident reports in real-time from easily accessible management dashboards.

  • Audit Management
    Ensure that you are always prepared for safety audits and can easily access detailed reports, documents, policies and procedures with the click of a mouse.

  • Training Management
    Whether it is confined space training, underground training or other courses that are essential to the operation of your business, you can schedule, track and manage every aspect of your training program from a centralized portal.

  • Compliance and Legal Requirements
    Manage, track and report on everything from permits and legal requirements, to equiptment maintenance. Easily document, assign and track items and activities.

Environmental Management

Intelex offers a wide range of software to manage your environmental program, whether it is conformance to common standards like ISO 14001 or tracking of air emissions and other key environmental sustainability metrics, Intelex software can save you time, money and effort managing your environmental iniatives.

Key Components and Functionality

  • Environmental and Sustainability Management
    Easily capture, track and and report on your environmental sustainability metrics to drive improvments in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility initiatives as well as KPIs.

  • Legal Requirements and Compliance Management
    Manage, track and report on everything from emissions permits and legal requirements, to equipment maintenance. Easily document, assign and track items and activities.

  • Air, Water and Waste Management
    Easily store, assess and report on information related to air emissions and wastewater discharges. And classify, track and report on hazardous and non-hazardous waste and recyclable streams.
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Whether it is EPA requirments, ISO standards, or MSHA compliance, mining companies are requried to keep extensive and detailed accounts of what is happening in their operations.

MSHA Compliance

The Intelex Safety Incident application streamlines the collection, tracking and reporting of your mine safety data. All of your MSHA information is stored in a single location, accessible at any time from anywhere with an internet connection.

ISO Standards

Each of our Environmental, Quality and Safety Management software systems allow you to easily store and report on all of your ISO related tasks, activities and documents. Whether you actively seek certification or follow the standards as part of best-in-class management, Intelex can ensure all of the related information is stored in a centralized, easily accessible location and available at the click of a mouse.

Why Choose Intelex?
Intelex`s Environmental, Safety and Quality Management Systems were designed to address the complex components of common standards such as ISO and requirements set out by governing bodies like MSHA and OSHA providing a complete solution for compliance and conformance. Intelex also offers standalone software applications that address specific requirements of these standards such as Document Control, Training Management, Incident Reporting, CAPA Management, Hazard and Risk Management and Environmental Aspects & Impacts.

Because Intelex software systems and applications are web-based, organization-wide mining safety and environmental data are stored in one centralized, easily accessible location. By unifying this data, organizations can automate the processes key to complying with ISO, MSHA and many other standards and requirments. Intelex`s comprehensive reporting and trending tools make it easier to maintain compliance and continually improve safety processes, environmental impacts and overall performance.

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Here are a few quotes directly from the clients we work with in the industry.

I am impressed with the quality of the customizations we requested and very pleased with how the software is coming along as a result of the coaching and guidance of your professional staff

Mike Parent
  FNX Mining Company Inc.

The Intelex Safety Management System provides the biggest cure and solution as we're able to see the whole Metso Minerals world on one single page.

Christian Adkins
  Metso Minerals

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