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Energy - Oil and Gas
Intelex provides software systems to Oil and Gas companies around the world to help them ensure the safety of their employees, reduce their environmental impacts and manage the quality of their products. Intelex clients use our software to track and report on incidents, spill and release data, nonconformances, audits, safety meetings, permits and a host of other essential information.
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Safety Management System
The Intelex Safety Management System is a library of applications that manages everything from incidents, and safety audits to safety meetings and OSHA/WSIB reporting. Intelex's easy to use software provides a central repository for all of your safety related information, enabling you to perform effective job safety analysis and reduce the risk of safety incidents for your employees and your business.

Key components include:

  • Safety Incident, Lost Time and Near Miss Reporting
    Record, track and report incidents, lost time and near misses in through a user-friendly, fully configurable incident form. Ease-of-use ensures a high adoption rate ensuring every incident is documented and trends are easily identified and issues mitigated.

  • Safety Audit and Inspections Management
    Schedule, track, and report on an unlimited number internal or external audits. Easily view and access audit details including type, scope, objective, results, and required follow-up actions, from a centralized, web-based platform. Ad hoc reporting is fully supported so any user with the appropriate privileges can create detailed real-time reports on the fly.

  • Safety Observations
    Record detailed information about all of your safety observations including observer, hazard categories, area, description, and controlling behaviors. Link observations to nonconformance reports and corrective and preventive actions. Identify and prevent potential hazards through recording and trending observations across job sites and regions.

  • Safety Meeting Management
    Track comprehensive meeting-related data; including minutes, policies, issues, and corrective actions to facilitate the implementation of successful health and safety initiatives with measurable results. Assign tasks, issue corrective actions and archive all safety meeting data so it is available year-round for internal and external audits.

Environmental Management
Intelex’s Environmental Management software can manage all aspects of your environmental program. Whether you are managing information related to your environmental impacts, air emissions, or permits such as NPDES, Intelex provides a centralized location to store and access all of your environmental data. Intelex also allows you to easily track, store and manage information to ensure compliance with increasingly complex legislation and conformance to common standards such as ISO 14001. Key components include:

  • Air, Water and Waste Management
    Collect, track and report on all of your air, water and waste related information from a convenient web-based management portal. Classify, track and reporting on hazardous and non-hazardous waste and recyclable streams..

  • Environmental Sustainability Management
    Capture, track, trend and evaluate sustainability data from municipal offices and facilities as well as across your supply chain through one centralized software application. Analyze data and make informed decisions based on sustainability metrics displayed on real-time, comprehensive dashboards and scorecards.

  • Permits, Compliance & Legal Requirements Management
    Track critical dates and activities tied to maintaining compliance with regulatory standards, permits and other legal requirements though one centralized database. Automated task emails prompt appropriate employees with action items and track completion..

Quality Management
Intelex’s Quality Management software can ensure the quality of your products and services by recording, trending and manging your suppliers, customer complaints and corrective actions. Key components include:

  • Supplier Management
    Achieve complete lifecycle management and facilitate continuous improvement throughout your supply chain. Easily track and report nonconformances and use trending and analysis to identify areas for improvement and execute corrective and preventative actions.

  • Customer Complaint Management
    Streamline complaint reporting, and manage paper trails by recording incoming customer complaints in a central, online platform. Ensure nothing falls through the cracks using alerts that notify the person responsible at each stage of the corrective-action process. Leverage reporting and analytics to monitor customer complaint trends using real-time and historical data.

Training and Competency Management
Intelex's Training and Competency tracking software will ensure that all of your employees get the training they require and that they are able to pass tests related to each training course that will ensure they are proficient at their jobs. Key components include:

  • Training Management
    Intelex's Training Management Software schedules, tracks and reports employee training in real-time to automate and streamline the management of your corporate training program. User-friendly and fully configurable, this application will free up valuable time, reduce costs and increase the accuracy and accountability of your training data.

  • Training Quiz Builder
    The Intelex Training Quiz Builder ensures the competency of your employees by enabiling you to create and administer an unlimited number of custom tests and quizzes that reflect your organizational policies and processes.

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Whether it is EPA requirements, ISO standards, or OSHA compliance, Oil and Gas companies are required to keep extensive and detailed accounts of their environmental, health and safety information.

OSHA Compliance

The Intelex Safety Incident application streamlines the collection, tracking and reporting of your safety data. All of your OSHA information is stored in a single location, accessible at any time from anywhere with an internet connection.

ISO Standards

Each of our Environmental, Quality and Safety Management software systems allow you to easily store and report on all of your ISO related tasks, activities and documents. Whether you actively seek certification or follow the standards as part of best-in-class management, Intelex can ensure all of the related information is stored in a centralized, easily accessible location and available at the click of a mouse.

Why Choose Intelex?
Intelex`s Environmental, Safety and Quality Management Systems were designed to address the complex components of common standards such as ISO and requirements set out by governing bodies like OSHA providing a complete solution for compliance and conformance. Intelex also offers standalone software applications that address specific requirements of these standards such as Document Control, Training Management, Incident Reporting, CAPA Management, Hazard and Risk Management and Environmental Aspects & Impacts.

Because Intelex software systems and applications are web-based, organization-wide mining safety and environmental data are stored in one centralized, easily accessible location. By unifying this data, organizations can automate the processes key to complying with ISO, OSHA and many other standards and requirements. Intelex`s comprehensive reporting and trending tools make it easier to maintain compliance and continually improve safety processes, environmental impacts and overall performance.

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Here are a few quotes directly from the clients we work with in the industry.

Using Intelex to ensure the effectiveness of our performance provides a safer environment for employees, contractors, and in our case, the public.

Alan Conquergood, President
  Trans-Northern Pipelines, Inc.

The Intelex Safety Management System provides the biggest cure and solution as we're able to see the whole Metso Minerals world on one single page.

Christian Adkins
  Metso Minerals

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